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Patriots Insider Jim Poore breaks down all the games from Week 3, picking each one against the spread.

  My job is getting more and more difficult. For the second week in a row, there have been some tremendous upsets in the NFL. And as bad as the replacement officials have been, they have nothing to do with it. The Patriots losing at home to Arizona was the most shocking. Very few people, if any, had this game as even being close, let alone Arizona pulling out the victory. And I have heard some say that the Patriots really deserved to win and should have. No they didn't deserve to win, and they didn't. Seattle crushed Dallas, something I certainly didn't foresee, nor did I think Carolina was going to beat New Orleans. I have a feeling the rest of the season is going to be like this, which is great for fans. Not so great for me. And by the way, the replacement officials still stink.
As always, home team in CAPS.
New York Giants  1 1/2  CAROLINA
This should be a really good Thursday Night game. The Giants had a stunning comeback last week, while Carolina had an impressive win against New Orleans. I think both teams are pretty good. The Giants don't seem to show up every week though. Having only a couple of days of rest might not be enough for them here. I like Carolina.
Panthers  26-21
San Francisco  7  Minnesota
The 49ers have looked really good, while Minnesota has been very weak. That's pretty much all anybody needs to know.
49ers  31-10
Buffalo  2 1/2  CLEVELAND
The Bills turned it around last week, while Cleveland continues their poor play. It is going to be a long season in Cleveland. May be not in Buffalo, as some are thinking playoffs. May be if eight teams in each conference qualified.
Bills  26-13
CHICAGO  7  St. Louis Rams
Both teams are 1-1, but the Bears are at least a pretty decent team. The Rams really are not. The Bears have had an extra couple of days to rest, but I don't think they would have had too many issues with St. Louis anyway.
Bears  24-14
INDIANAPOLIS  3  Jacksonville
Look out for the Colts, who likely will be 2-1 after this week. Don't look very far though. Andrew Luck has looked pretty good but that is about it. The Jaguars will be fighting for the number one draft pick next year. Lucky for Indianapolis they play the Jaguars twice a year.
Colts  23-17
Philadelphia  4  ARIZONA
Both teams are 2-0, but Michael Vick needs to start playing better. The Cardinals were very impressive last week, and they are definitely better than I thought. If they only had a quarterback. I think last week's win is going to give them a lot of momentum. I like Arizona here. Even though the Eagles had a nice win last week I am still not impressed.
Cardinals 20-17
Detroit  3 1/2  Tennessee
The Lions haven't been that impressive so far, and they need to get rolling. The Titans have not looked good at all. They obviously do not want to start 0-3, but I think that is what is going to happen. I can't see Tennessee winning here.
Lions  27-23
SAN DIEGO  3  Atlanta
Both teams are 2-0, but the Falcons have looked better getting to that record. The Chargers have played nobody, though Atlanta hasn't exactly played the cream of the crop. They have played better though. I don't think either team is great, but the Chargers really do nothing for me this year. I'll take Atlanta here.
Falcons 26-24
Houston  2  Denver
The Texans have looked great, but considering their opponents so far they should. I think Denver is overrated. Peyton Maning looked absolutely dreadful last week for most of the game. This should be Houston's first real test. Last year they lost games they should have won. They can't afford to do that this week, or this year. I'll take the Texans.
Texans  28-20
Washington  3 1/2   Cincinnati
Both teams are 1-1, but it looks like it might be the same old Redskins team. One never knows which team is going to show up. The Bengals are the poster children for mediocrity. I'll take the Redskins, just by being at home. It looks like Robert Griffin III will be very fun to watch.
Redskins  23-16
Pittsburgh  4  OAKLAND
The Steelers looked much better last week, but golly did the Raiders look bad again. They could be one of the worst teams in the league this year. The Steelers are likely in the playoffs, but I don't know what they will have left come season's end. I don't see any problems for Pittsburgh this week.
Steelers 29-17
New York Jets  3  Miami
The Jets took a step back last week, while Miami looked like world beaters against Oakland. Don't get too excited about the Dolphins though. May be get excited about the Jets, but there are still a lot of games to play. The Jets should be able to win here, and cover.
Jets  24-16
DALLAS  7  Tampa Bay
The Cowboys got croaked last week after looking so good in week one. The Bucs somehow blew a huge lead against the Giants. We are in week three and both teams already have a common opponent. I just can't see Dallas losing at home. They are inconsistent, so that means Tony Romo is due for a pretty good game.
Cowboys 27-17
Green Bay  3  SEATTLE
When one initially looked at this game on the schedule, it looked like a blow out for the Packers. May be not anymore after last week's performance by the Seahawks. I still don't think they are that good though. The Packers, though, are very good. I don't see Seattle repeating last week's performance. I'll take Green Bay.
Packers 24-20
Game of the Week

BALTIMORE  3  New England
I would be willing to bet that Baltimore remembers last year's AFC Championship. They are still a very good team, as are the Patriots. I think New England got exposed a little bit last week. Losing Aaron Hernandez for a few weeks is huge, and I don't think Kellen Winslow is the answer. Nor is Deion Branch. The Patriots seem to bounce back from losses, but it will be much tougher against the Ravens in Baltimore. I like the Ravens here.
Ravens  26-17
Stinker of the Week

NEW ORLEANS  7 1/2  Kansas City
I had no choice but to put the Saints in the Stinker. They are 0-2 and just simply are not the same team as in year's past. The Chiefs are also 0-2 and have looked pretty bad. I said last week that I couldn't see the Saints starting the season 0-2. Now I can't see them starting 0-3.
Saints 41-23
Record For Week Two: 8-6-2 ( 9-7 without the spread )
Record Through Week Two: 15-15-2 ( 19-13 without the spread )
Game of Week Record: 1-1
Stinker of Week Record: 1-1

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