Chris Ivory ready to showcase his versatility

Chris Ivory | New York Jets

When New York Jets general manager John Idzik swung a draft day deal to acquire Chris Ivory from the New Orleans Saints many fans jumped for joy. Labeled as the Jets' new feature back, Ivory appears ready to live up to the hype this season in the Big Apple.

When Shonn Greene decided to leave the Jets and head to Music City for a brand new chapter in his career, it doesn't appear either Bilal Powell or Joe McKnight are ready to take the majority of the handoffs from the starting quarterback this season.

But during the 2013 NFL draft the Jets decided to make some smart deals and looked for an unknown with some ability and on the verge of breakout season after being buried on the New Orleans Saints depth chart. General manager John Idzik sprung a deal to bring over Chris Ivory from the Saints to allow him the opportunity to become that breakthrough superstar.

When he was watching the draft this past April, he felt there was going to be some form of wheeling and dealing to get him to another team so he can prove to be a top offensive player. Going to the Jets was a great chance for him to finally allow his star to shine.

"I had an idea what was going to happen but I was just happy to be here once the trade went through," admitted Ivory of his draft-day deal.

So far in training camp everything has been going smoothly and while some NFL pundits haven't seen him perform at a high level; running or catching the ball in the last few years, they will get a chance to see it this season.

"Like I said, those who said I couldn't catch had never seen me receive many passes except for maybe one and that didn't turn out well," noted Ivory. "For the most part I've always had natural hands. I've just haven't been utilized in the passing game."

Buried behind such a great depth chart in New Orleans with running backs like Mark Ingram, Darren Sproles and Pierre Thomas can keep a solid running back down, but something tells me that Ivory will finally get a chance to show why he should be able to shine.

Now granted that he has to face the Bills, Dolphins and the Patriots twice a season, but who wouldn't want to relish a chance to jumpstart his career in the AFC East. One thing Ivory will see is that everything is a lot bigger, faster and emotionally harder here in New York City. Jets fans want to see him perform and will not hold back their opinions of him.

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