Jimmy Graham designated tight end

Jimmy Graham designated tight end

Graham's position designation has no fantasy impact since this classification is a separate issue from fantasy football.

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is a tight end after all. After a long and seemingly drawn-out process, arbitrator Stephen Burbank has heard arguments from both sides. At odds was the Saints' ability to franchise-tag Graham and essentially lock him into a TE salary. Receivers make more than tight ends so by appealing this decision, Graham stood to potentially make a lot more money if he could earn a top salary as a wide receiver. Graham can appeal this outcome, which would then take the decision to a three-man panel. At that point, the panel's verdict would be final.

Fantasy Analysis

You know it's summertime by what constitutes an NFL news story. Considering how much money is on the line for Graham, it only makes sense for him to appeal. Graham, whether he likes it or not, is a tight end. Sure, most of his responsibilities involve catching the football, but this would have been a slippery slope for the NFL. There are corners who play safety and vice versa. Some receivers make rosters simply because they are great on special teams or they are great blockers. To start splicing who does what and why and for how much they should be compensated would open the doors for every player in the NFL looking for a pay increase. The bottom line for fantasy owners is that as long as Graham was officially listed on the depth chart as a TE, he was going to remain a TE regardless of this decision.

Source: Bleacher Report

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